Triptorelin Side Effects-Know The Facts First!

If you are aware of the Triptorelin side effects you can safely skip this article. If however you are about to embark on a journey with triptorelin, you really should learn the basics at least. Triptorelin is a synthetic long-release decapeptide analogous to the natural gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH). It stimulates the secretion of pituitary FSH […]

Triptorelin Bodybuilding – Not Recommended!

In this article we will look at the description and instructions for the use of Triptorelin Bodybuilding teqniques and if they really work. Triptorelin is considered the most effective and efficient substance for combating the most severe pathologies of the reproductive system in men and women. Based on this substance is a series of drugs. […]

Triptorelin Peptide Review

In this Triptorelin peptide review we discover what Triptorelin is and what its main function is. Triptorelin peptide is a research chemical molecule with many secondary and tertiary substituents on the central carbon atom. Simply put, this means that there are many metal atoms, functional groups associated with the carbon atom in the chemical structure. […]

Pharmacology Information of Triptorelin 

Pharmacological action – antitumor, cytostatic, antigonadotropic . With initial or intermittent use, it stimulates the release of the anterior pituitary of LH and FSH . In this regard, in the first few days of therapy, a transient increase in the levels of estrogen and testosterone is noted. Subsequently, it blocks the release of gonadotropic hormones […]

Facts on Triptorelin Peptide Use

In this blog we look at some of the important facts that may happen when you have been prescribed a Triptorlein dosage. Triptorelin peptide initially causes a temporary increase in serum testosterone levels, because of this symptom of prostate cancer may worsen during the first weeks of treatment. It is important to notify your doctor […]