Triptorelin Side Effects-Know The Facts First!

Triptorelin Side EffectsIf you are aware of the Triptorelin side effects you can safely skip this article. If however you are about to embark on a journey with triptorelin, you really should learn the basics at least. Triptorelin is a synthetic long-release decapeptide analogous to the natural gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH). It stimulates the secretion of pituitary FSH and LH more effectively and for a longer time than the natural peptide. >>>BUY TRIPTORELIN HERE<<<

Increased levels of LH and FSH initially lead to an increase in serum testosterone levels in men and serum estrogens in women. The chronic administration of GnRH agonists leads to an inhibition of the pituitary secretion of LH and FSH and, therefore, a reduction in steroidogeneses, causing a drop in estradiol in women and testosterone in men within the ranges of prepubertal values; DHEAS levels are unchanged. Triptorelin Bodybuilding – Not Recommended!

Triptorelin indication For Clinical Use

Treatment of confirmed central precocious puberty. In girls under 9 years old and boys under 10 years old. (TO)


It is important to strictly follow the instructions for the administration of the medication; once the suspension has been reconstituted, proceed with immediate injection.
The dose is administered every 28 days either subcutaneously or deep intramuscular, varying the administration site.
The dosage at the beginning of treatment should be based on body weight, one injection of triptorelin should be injected on days 0, 14, and 28.
Thereafter one injection every 4 weeks. If the effect is considered insufficient, injections can be given every three weeks.
Dosage should be based on body weight according to the table below.

Body weight
<20 kgs
1,875 mg (half dose)
20-30 kgs
2.5 mgs (2/3 doses20-20 kgs)
> 30 kgs
3.75 mgs (full dose).

Treatment should be maintained until bone maturation is achieved in 12-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys, although it must be individualized in each case.
Based on current data, no reduction or extension of the dosing intervals is necessary for those patients with impaired renal function.

Triptorelin Side Effects

• Known hypersensitivity to triptorelin peptide or any of the excipients.
• Known hypersensitivity to gonadotropin-releasing hormone or any other GnRH analog.

In girls, the initial stimulation of the ovaries at the beginning of treatment, followed by the decrease in estrogen induced by the treatment, can cause vaginal bleeding of mild or moderate intensity in the first month. Once the treatment is finished, the development of the characteristics of puberty will occur. Information regarding future fertility is limited. In most girls, menstruation will take place one year after the end of treatment, being regular in most cases.
Bone mineral density may decrease during treatment; After completion of the study, subsequent acquisition is maintained and the peak of bone mass that is reached in late adolescence does not seem to be affected.
After withdrawal of treatment, epiphyseal displacement of the femoral head may be observed.
Treatment of children with progressive brain tumors must be followed with a careful individual risk-benefit assessment.
Allergic and anaphylactic reactions, local reactions and some systemic symptoms have been reported.

SIDE EFFECTS: Triptorelin Peptide

Uncommon: anaphylactic and hypersensitivity reaction.
Frequency not estimated: headache, blurred vision, flushing, epistaxis, abdominal discomfort, epiphysiolysis, myalgia, injection site erythema, high blood pressure, weight gain.


Caution is advised when other medications that affect pituitary gonadotropin secretion are co-administered and the patient’s hormonal status should always be monitored.

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